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Our Story

A Better Organic Line That Evolved Out of Compassion

With roots in financing, founder Doug Gee began his journey in organics fully understanding/aware that choosing a direction in CBD was a wise investment.

It was during these years of helping CBD companies get financed when his aunt and a close friend were stricken with stage 4 cancer.  Both women were enduring excruciating side effects after chemotherapy treatments and were desperately searching for relief outside of opioids.

Armed with knowledge in this field, Doug knew that CBD could help alleviate their suffering.  But with his long standing connections in the CBD space, he was discouraged to find out that many of the CBD solutions out there were nothing more than snake oil.

Convicted by the healing power of cannabinoids, Doug stepped out on his own to produce a superior medical grade CBD solution to ease the distress the women in his life were facing.

He knew that the answer would lie in the purity and potency of the CBD.  So he brought on a chemist to help build a “Farm to Table” CBD company where he could track and trace where ingredients were sourced and secure verified reports on the purity and potency within.

Together, they were able to create the purest and most potent CBD solutions using remediation technology from farms in Oregon. CBD oils then undergo additional testing at reputable 3rd party labs with verification reports that meet the highest standards in California.

But they didn’t stop there.

This new technology inspired the pair to put the purity and potency back into the beauty and wellness market with more natural and stronger organic solutions that boost immunity and repair skin at a cellular level.

When it comes to our health, we either settle or we evolve.  At Evolved Naturals, we’re committed to helping you evolve to your full potential.

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