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Top Myths About CBD Cream

CBD products are relatively new to the market. Unfortunately, this means that there is not a lot of mainstream information circulating. This leads many people to speculate. These speculations are told to friends and family members. Who, in turn, share the information with others. After the information is shared a few times, it officially becomes a myth. Let’s review some of the top myths circulating about CBD cream and CBD products.

1.It’s All the Same

Many people have heard the myth that CBD is CBD, but that’s simply not true. Just like every other product, different brands curate their products differently. This applies to CBD products, probably more-so than other products because CBD is harvested from cannabis. There are hundreds of different cannabinoids in cannabis plants. CBD products often contain other cannabinoids. These cannabinoid vary in type and amount depending on the brand you buy.

2.CBD Is the Same As THC

One of the biggest misconceptions involving CBD is that it is the same as THC. These two cannabinoids are actually very different. The effects they have on your body vary dramatically, as well as the risks they accompany. One of the most notable differences between the two cannabinoids is that THC gets you high, while CBD does not.

Another difference between these two cannabinoids is the effects they have on your mind. THC worsens thoughts of paranoia and depression for most users. Studies have shown that CBD might actually alleviate thoughts of depression and assist with other mental illnesses.

3.You’ll Know It’s Working In A Few Hours

Many people believe that you will know whether CBD is working within a few hours of using the product, but often you will not. If you smoke CBD bud, then you may feel different within a few hours, but most of the benefits provided by CBD are intangible. This means that you can not see the effects immediately.

For instance, CBD cream is used to improve the appearance of your skin and relieve pain in target areas. These effects will not be felt immediately. It will take a few uses, or even days, before you will notice the effects of CBD cream.

4.It Is A Miracle Cure for Everything

There are people that strongly oppose CBD, but there are also people who rave about it. Unfortunately, the people that rave about CBD often spread the myth that it is a miracle cure for everything. This is not the case.

There have been studies that suggest CBD offers a variety of benefits, such as; pain relief, coping with mental illness, relieving stress, reducing acne and other skin problems, benefiting heart health, and alleviating cancer symptoms. However, as of right now studies only suggest these benefits. Most of them have yet to be proven.

CBD is growing in popularity and as it becomes increasingly used, it will become more widely researched. When this happens, we will be able to say for sure what it’s benefits are. For now, it is a non-medical supplement that could possibly help a variety of things.