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The Many Benefits of Tea Tree Serum

Who doesn’t love the scent of tea tree? It often has that fresh, mint like scent that everyone finds makes them think of spring and something that is truly clean. However, tea tree is more than just a lovely scent. It has amazing benefits for your skin if you use this as a part of your regular skin care routine! So, how can you use tea tree serum in your everyday life?

  1. This has been shown to be great for cuts and small abrasions that you may have.

Let’s face it, a pimple is hard to resist popping and when you do pop this, you are going to create an open wound. Tea tree can be great in helping to dry this up and prevent infection. Which is important when dealing with pimples on the face! However, even if you get a small cut on your hand, you may find that tea tree oil is a great element to have on hand to help treat this. Studies are even showing that tea tree serum can help to increase the healing period as it encourage white blood cells to get to this cut to help out! 

  1. Tired of acne? Let tea tree help!

If you are tired of acne, which is something that almost everyone faces as they become a teen and then into adulthood. We are often surprised at how often we get pimples, even if you are in your 40’s! Tea tree serum can be one of the ways that you help to avoid this. You will find that tea tree cleanses the skin and can help to discourage acne from popping up...which is always great!

  1. Suffer with skin allergies? Tea Tree to the rescue!

Many people when they come into contact with something new, they often get a rash or they start severely itching their skin, resulting in red spots and even scratches that bleed. This is known as contact dermatitis. When this occurs, their skin is often not only painful but red in color. Some studies have shown that using tea tree serum on the areas of the skin that are affected can help to stop the dermatitis from becoming so severe. They find that they are able to reduce their symptoms and go about their day like normal.

  1. Is dandruff getting your down?

For those who have dandruff, the skin on the scalp is the issue. It is often flaking and will itch continuously. Treating this with a bit of tea tree serum can help to decrease the itching, while also helping with the flaking that comes with having dandruff. It is simple enough to add a little tea tree oil to your regular shampoo or conditioner to get the desired effects.

Tea tree serum is one of those items that needs to be in everyone’s closet of goodies for their skin health. They will find that a time may arise in which they wish that they had this to use, and having it on hand at all times can help to relieve a lot of issues!