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The Best Rose Water Toner

Everyone wants to have lovely, toned skin.  One of the great ways to accomplish this is with the use of a good toner.  One of the best skin care products is a rose water toner.  Used for centuries, this should be an addition to your skin care regimen.

After you have cleansed your face and neck, it is nice to apply a toner.  Not only is this refreshing, but it will remove any residue of dirt, makeup, or dead skin cells.  You will notice how smooth your skin feels.  This will make it completely ready for moisturizers or other products.

Alcohol based products can dehydrate the skin.  This will actually cause your skin to produce more oil because it senses a loss.  Using an alcohol cleanser on dry skin can become an irritant. A rose water toner will keep your skin in good balance and help reduce blackheads.

Besides offering a lovely floral scent, rose water is very moisturizing for the skin.  It acts to reduce water loss through the pores.  It does not stimulate the glands in the face to produce excess oil.  Combined with other treatments, it is a good hydrator.

Rose water toners have been studied for their effects.  One study found that rosewater reduced the appearance of redness caused by rosacea.  Some experts feel it can help with eczema, psoriasis and other skin flaking problems.

Vitamins are important in our daily lives.  Rose water is high in Vitamins A and C.  These are considered by some to be anti-aging elements.  There are reports that it helps to reduce the darker spots that sometimes appear, especially on the face.

There are a couple of ways you can use a toner.  After cleansing, use a cotton pad or cotton ball with some toner and, using upward strokes, apply to the face and neck.  Please avoid use near the eyes.  Another way is to use a light misting spray.  Some women use this to set their makeup before going out.  It can also be a way to refresh your skin and attitude during a long day.  It can also be used as a mist on your scalp before shampooing

If you have never used a toner before, or it has been quite some time, you may want to combine the rose water toner with a bit of your usual moisturizer.  This will let your skin become adjusted to a new routine more gradually.

At Evolved Naturals, we use only 100% pure Moroccan Rose Flora Water.  It is a natural and organic substance with no additional chemicals or synthetics.  Just place an order through our convenient website and it will be shipped to you promptly.

If you are interested in other skin care products, we care a wide range of choices like jojoba oil, and rosehip night serum.  Give your skin the protection and hydration that it needs to remain in good condition.  It will enhance your appearance and help you feel better.