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Tea Tree: The Everyday Oil You Need

Tea tree oil is something that many people are aware of. Go into any store and you are going to find many products contain some type of tea tree. For example, candles that contain tea tree essential oils, bug sprays that contain tea tree oil, beauty products that have tea tree in them, and the list goes on. This is something that everyone probably has smelled or used at some point in their lives. And it is definitely something to have on hand everyday of your life! 

What is Tea Tree Oil and How Does it Work?

Tea tree oil comes from a small tree that is found in Australia, specifically around the Queensland and New South Wales area. The leaves are what produces the tea tree oil that is used in many items. It has been used for years to treat a variety of issues including coughs, colds and skin ailments.

Everyday Uses for Tea Tree Oil

While you may be thinking about tea tree oil as a skincare product, there are tons of everyday uses for tea tree oil. Some of these everyday uses for this include:

  1. It can be used as hand sanitizer thanks to the antibacterial way in which tea tree oil responds to germs. It has been studied and has been shown to help kill viruses and bacteria that cause the flu and the common cold.
  1. It can be used as a way to keep those pesky insects away. This includes blood sucking mosquitoes. 
  1. It can help to control odor when used on the skin under the armpits to help with perspiration.
  1. It can be used on minor scrapes and cuts to help ensure it is protected against germs from entering into the cut that could lead to infection. 
  1. It has been shown to help with wound healing since it reduces inflammation and helps to trigger white blood cells to heal areas.
  1. It can help to fight the acne on your face and reduce the severity of acne that pops up on the skin.
  1. Nail fungus can be treated with tea tree oil on its own or used with other natural remedies.
  1. Tea tree oil can be dropped into water and used as a way to clean your home!
  1. Helps to soothe any skin inflammation that you may have.
  1. Helps to control dandruff for those who may have this scalp issue.

Buy Tea Tree Serums

You will find that tea tree serum has a wide variety of uses, but you are going to want to have this in your bathroom to use for skin or hair conditions. Evolved Naturals offers a tea tree serum that can easily be purchased online that is all natural and is going to be combined with other natural vitamins to give you even more health benefits! It can help with acne, dark spots on your skin, helps to smooth fine lines and even help your skin to look overall brighter and healthier.