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Summer Skin Care Routine Tips

Summer is quickly approaching. And when the summer weather hits, people are going to be spending more times outdoors, in the water, and just enjoying some fun in the sun. With this being said, you summer skin care routine should be different from your winter skincare routine. We have some great tips that you will want to add into your routine so that you can enjoy the summer weather easily!

  1. Add Rose Water

Are you using rose water in your skincare routine? If not, then summer is the time to add this! Rose water from Evolved Naturals is a must have in your bathroom. You are going to find that is has a pleasant scent, while offering tons of benefits. These benefits including helping to tone the skin, remove dirt that your regularly cleanser may have left behind, and help to balance the skin complexion!

  1. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Since you are going to be spending more times outdoors, you are going to want to make sure that you are not skipping on the sunscreen. Make sure that you are using at least a 30 SPF when outdoors. And for your facial skin you may want to invest into something that gives you SPF coverage all the time.

  1. Exfoliate Regularly

While you may have exfoliated regularly during the winter, you are definitely going to want to do this during the summer time. You will find that exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and help your skin to feel better. After spending times outdoors with sweat and the sun, this will feel great!

  1. Cut Down on the Makeup

During the summer, makeup may make you break out and feel oily all the time. So cut back on what you were wearing during the winter to help your skin breathe easier. The same can be said of the moisturizer that you have been using. During the summer, you can go a bit lighter thanks to the weather.

  1. Change to a Face Wash That is Going to Remove Oil

During the winter you may have been using a face wash that added in moisture, as you needed this then. However, with the summer weather, you need something that is going to draw out the oil from the sweat and weather. You will find that a moisturizing face wash may be too thick to use during these warmer temperatures, causing more acne, obvious oil and other issues.

  1. Stay Hydrated!

Not only do you want to stay hydrated during the summer to ensure that you are feeling fine while outdoors, but this can do wonders for your skin. You will find that staying hydrated helps your skin to feel soft and look radiant.

With Summer quickly approaching, make sure that you are prepared for the changes that are going to be required for your skin care routine. Doing the same routine throughout the entire year can cause a lot of issues that could be avoided!