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Serums vs Lotions: Do You Know the Difference?

When it comes to what you use on your skin, most people want to know what they are using. And for good reason! Knowing what is going on your skin is just as important as knowing what you are putting into your body. With this being said, have you seen skin products that claim to be a ‘serum’ and those that claim to be a ‘lotion’? Do you truly know the difference between the two? If not, read on, as you are going to find what the difference is and which one you should be choosing!

What is a Serum?

A serum is more gel-like in its feel and appearance. This does mean that it is absorbed fairly more quickly than a lotion. An important note to make is that a serum is not meant to replace any type of daily moisturizing lotion that you may be using, even though the serum is going to be providing moisture and other nutrients to the skin. A serum is meant to be used with your regular skincare routine as an extra element to help your skin. It should be applied after cleaning the skin, but before you moisturize with your regular moisturizing lotion. The overall take away on a serum is that: - This is lighter than a lotion - Absorbs into the skin faster - Fillers are eliminated in a serum

What is a Lotion?

Lotions are thicker in nature, and they do have a different consistency when you compare the two. You will find that it is meant to hydrate the skin, but it is not going to penetrate as deeply. They may be thicker or lighter depending on the type of lotion that you have purchased. While lotions are moisturizing, they are not going to be as great as serum, since the serum does seep into the skin faster. However, lotions have their place in your skincare routine, especially if this lotion contains an SPF, as you should be wearing sun protection all the time to protect your skin. The issue for many people is that a lotion is just so heavy it makes their skin feel oily and they may find that the effects that the lotion is supposed to have, such as anti aging, is not as noticeable.

The overall take away on a lotion is that:

- These are thicker as they often have thickening agents or mineral oils to make this thicker - It can be easily used after a serum for added protection of the skin - It often contains fillers since it is thicker If you have never used a serum, you may be missing out. Evolved offers three main serums (Vitamin C, HA, & Tea Tree), along with a Rosehip Night serum that helps to combat aging. While you can use a serum and a lotion together, you may want to try a serum for some time alone and see the difference in how your skin feels. This is especially true if you are tired of how heavy your skin feels after using a lotion, as this is the result of the fillers that are contained within this lotion. Try all the serums that we offer at