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Pure Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty products are those that rely on plant-based ingredients.  That means instead of using artificial, manufactured products, these beauty aids don’t rely on any mining efforts and are produced and harvested with as little damage to the environment as possible.

Less Irritation

Artificial colors and additives are more likely to cause redness and irritation than a natural makeup.  That is not to say you can’t have an allergic reaction.  Each person’s body is unique and it may be that yours is not fond of a particular flower or plant.  As an example, lanolin is a natural product from sheep.  If someone has a problem with wearing wool, they will also have difficulty with a product that contains lanolin.  However, the chance is significantly lowered by working with ingredients that are found naturally.

It may be that those artificial products pose no problem initially, but over time those fillers and chemicals will start to bother your skin causing redness and even breakouts.  Products that rely on natural ingredients will work with your body to help it.


he chemical used in manufacturing beauty products often come with their own smell.  When you start combining chemicals, one smell will compound onto another.  That is why traditional beauty product companies will add a fragrance.  This is another artificial element.  Combined all these scents can often cause headaches.

Pure, natural beauty products use the essential oils from the plants that are used in the process.  The product you buy smells like the flowers used to produce it.  Frequently these same essential oils are the same as those used in aromatherapy.  Then you have the added advantage of relaxation, increased focus, or other benefits just from using a natural product.

Side Effects

Synthetic beauty products can contain chemicals or a combination of ingredients that will actually disrupt the body.  Parabens are frequently used as a preservative.  That means you will get a longer shelf life.  However, it is being discovered that these elements can react by the body like hormones.  Research is ongoing on this issue but for women, it is being associated with various problems including miscarriage and other issues.  It is also being linked to endocrine issues.

If preservatives are used in natural beauty products, they are also natural, like grapefruit seed extract.  In this way, the user is much less likely to have any adverse side effects.  Of course, always read the ingredient list if you are prone to allergies.

As you can tell, natural beauty products generally work better than conventional products because they are made without unnecessary fillers or additives.

If you are interested in trying pure natural products for your beauty regimen, check out Evolved Naturals.  We source our ingredients from some of the most reputable companies in the health and beauty industry.  We are careful in our preparations so that you can be sure of the consistency of your orders.

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