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Pros and Cons of Traditional Massage Oils

Massage oils have been used in massage sessions since ancient times. Many oils are used in massage treatment, and many more are popping up every day on the shelves.

We thought about examining the three popular massage oils and their pros and cons. This article sheds light on Jojoba seed oil, Almond oil, Avocado oil, and the exciting new CBD massage oil. Keep reading as we investigate the pros and cons:

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is called an oil, but in fact, it is a wax. The oil is extracted from the seeds of a jojoba plant native to North America.

One of the significant benefits of jojoba oil is that it is perfect for massaging the back, where many people have stubborn acne breakouts. Its soothing and anti-bacterial properties are known far and wide.

Jojoba oil does not have a particular odour that would make you uncomfortable or cause significant irritation. We did notice, however, that it does tend to stain massage sheets.

Almond oil

The oil used for almond oil massage is typically extracted from the sweet almond, and it is trendy in massages.  It is pale yellow and is excellent for effortlessly gliding down the skin because it does not create friction.

It is absorbed relatively quickly, and your masseur might have to apply a bit more than other oils.  

If you have nut allergies, we advise you to skip almond oil massages.

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is created from avocado fruit that is hard-pressed and has rich deep green color. Avocado oil can be very pricey, and usually, massage therapists mix it with other oils like sweet almond oil. 

Avocado oil penetrates deep into your skin and hydrates. Avocado oil can also create some irritations, especially for people who have irritation to latex.

The other issue with avocado oil for many is it's not so glistening reputation in the context of exploitation and its impact on the environment.


It is tough to pick a great alternative, however, we came across CBD massage oils that really elevate the massage experience to another level.

CBD massage oils alleviate anxiety, and they work wonders with relieving pain. They are known for their mood-boosting properties but will not get you "high" during the massage.

CBD oil is a fragrant, frictionless oil without many reported cases of irritation. It is best applied in deep passages as it penetrates deep into the connective tissue, so it is perfect for those that have endured muscle damage.

Wrapping up

We hope we managed to explain the differences between some of the most popular massage oils and how you can make a conscious, informed decision when you decide to treat yourself with a massage next time.

Although traditional oils have proven benefits, newer variations like CBD body massage oil prove to work better in targeting pain and alleviating anxiety. Perhaps next time you visit a masseur, you can ask them about the type of oil they use and discuss what option would be most suitable for you.