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Natural Herbal CBD – Top Myths

When it comes to using herbal CBD whether this in health shakes, skin products or other products, there are tons of misconceptions about using this. The problem is that these misconceptions are believed by many people and this has resulted in some people not getting to experience the healing benefits that CBD oil offers, since they believe the myths. For this reason, we have highlighted some of the most common myths that are out there about herbal CBD so that you know these are not meant to be believed.

Myth 1: CBD Gets You High

There are several myths surrounding CBD and how this will get you high. There are those who even believe that using a skin care product that contains CBD is going to get you high as it is absorbed through the skin. The reality of this myth is that CBD is in no way going to get you “high”. CBD is a natural product that is derived from the plant. CBD does not contain THC...THC is the element in drugs that get you high. CBD is derived from the hemp plant which does not contain THC. Even CBD oil that is derived from the cannabis plant does not contain more than .3% of THC, which is not enough to get anyone “high”.

Myth 2: All CBD is the Same

This is very untrue! Would you say that all medications are the same? No. CBD that is all natural is the natural form of CBD that is not going to be found everywhere. Many manufacturers put in other ingredients that may be very chemical in nature, which results in an entirely different effect. For example, a skin product containing CBD as one ingredient but has a ton of ingredients that are chemicals, which you may or may not be able to pronounce, is not going to be as healthy for the skin as if you were to use an all natural CBD skin product that contained only CBD. Nor would it be healthy to ingest with all these extra ingredients. For this reason, you have to be very careful about where you are sourcing your CBD skin products. You want organic and natural products to avoid any allergic reactions and issues.

Myth 3: CBD Requires That You Have a Prescription

This is not true! CBD oil is not a drug thus this can freely be put into skin care products and other health and wellness products that you can buy from a store without having to have a prescription. This makes it even easier for people to try skin care products that contain CBD without fear, as they can easily find these.

For those who are looking for all natural CBD products, they will find that they are in abundance, as many studies have been done to showcase just how effective CBD oil can be when placed into skin care products. For example, Evolved Naturals carries a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil that is great for adding into your dietary plan. Are you ready to try out CBD oil? You may be surprised at just how much this helps your skin