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Debunking the Top 3 Myths About Face Mists

You must have seen at least one person passionately applying decilitres of water mist to their face. If you are like us, you might have wondered if these face mists actually do anything beneficial for your skin? In this post, we have decided to dig deeper into the market of face mists and debunk the top 3 myths surrounding face mists.

  1. Face mists do not penetrate the skin

Actually, a face mist does increase your skin's hydration because you are dispersing tiny, microscopic droplets of water to your skin. These microscopic droplets are so tiny that they can actually penetrate your skin and their size certainly makes it easier for your skin to absorb.

Face mists are not just fads; they actually work, and their effectiveness depends on whether they contain ingredients that ensure absorption. Face mists contain humectants that lock the water to your skin and allow absorption to happen.

  1. All face mists hydrate

This is simply not true. If a face mist does not contain a humectant which is an active agent that helps the skin of your face retain and absorb liquid, then you might be wasting your money.

These humectants can be anything from glycerine to hyaluronic acid. Suppose there is nothing to grab onto the water. In that case, the water that lands on your skin can actually start evaporating and make it dry.

  1. Face mists are just water

If you do not know much about face mists, we cannot blame you. Many think that people who buy face mists are wasting money on pure water that just smells nice.

Face mists or toners may contain minerals, vitamins, and other ingredients that can improve your skin's hydration.

This is why DIY home versions of face mists are often not a great idea because you might be causing more damage to your skin without an active humectant. Just putting tea on your face may not do much for your skin.

Which one do I buy then?

We would wholeheartedly recommend a mist that is fully organic and would not cause irritation to your skin. Rosewater toners can go a long way to getting you closer to that baby skin goal.

Since rose water toners generally contain active organic ingredients, your skill will glow for more extended periods. A good rose water toner can even be applied to hair. With rose water toners, it is essential to look for organic products that do not contain perfumes.

Is rose water toner for you?

Rose water toners are generally considered to be among the best facial mists and the most effective organic options you can get on the market.

If you are allergic or unsure about rose water toners, it is best to consult with your dermatologist before deciding which water toner is most suitable for your skin type.

Remember, the area around your face contains some of the most sensitive and thin layers of skin on your body. Therefore, making an informed decision on what to apply to your delicate skin is fundamental for the long-term health of your skin.