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All Natural Skin Care Products You Need in 2021


Did you know that skin is the largest human organ?  It makes sense that we want to keep it in good condition.  Since it is one of the things people notice first, it also is important to help it look as good as possible with natural skin care products.

There are many products on the market today and it can become confusing about which to choose.  In general, using all natural skin care products is the best option.


The first place to check is the list of ingredients.  On a synthetic product you will find strange names like Triclosan, and a list of any dyes that were used.  These artificial components will do the job they were developed for, but in the process can actually become harmful to the body.

Natural skin care products have names of plants that you recognize like lemon juice, jojoba oil, and others.  These are known to be full of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the skin and other body parts.  Some of these are Vitamins D, E, and C, plus alpha-hydroxy acid.


To create the synthetic additives and preservatives, elements need to be mined from the earth.  That process creates pollutants to the atmosphere and water systems.  Both the mining and residuals adds to the environmental stress and negative carbon footprint. 

Using plant material, especially those that are easily renewable, avoids this distress and at the same time produces a natural product for personal use.  The materials are harvested with care for the surrounding plants and animals.


As a lotion or oil is applied to the skin, the majority of its components will eventually move into the bloodstream.  If the product contains ingredients that are beneficial to the body as a whole, the person will notice the positive impact.  The result will be looking better but also feeling better overall.

Most of the raw products used in all natural skin care products have been found to be low in irritation levels.  Don’t discount your personal conditions like sensitivity to certain elements (like wool) or allergies. But natural skin care does not include parabens, dyes, or petrochemicals.

Evolved Naturals

At Evolved Naturals we have developed supply chain partnerships to assure our customers for the most reputable ingredients.  We have decades of experience working with health and beauty aids with all natural products. 

We monitor how our raw ingredients are grown, processed and manufactured.  We verify all of the products through third-party labs who conform in all manner to the standards established in California.  In addition, our protocols ensure consistently pure and contaminant free skin care products.

Even with all of these checks, we have been able to employ efficiencies of scale in order to keep our prices competitive and reasonable. 

Because the skin is so important to overall health our product line is designed to protect, repair and replenish skin and muscles and to act as a UV barrier and deterrent to physical pollutants.

Try some of our all natural skin care products today and let us know how they have made a difference in your life.